guess who

ok. you’re probably thinking…wow here she is starting another book review blog that she will inevitably abandon. you’re probably 99% right.

i guess i’m an eternal optimist. hoping that i’ll actually stick to book blogging. i’ve thought  about going back to booktubing but filming and editing videos again isn’t super appealing right now.

i’ve updated my instagram to reflect my new username ~pagesandpaperbacks~ which i actually like. i’ve always regretted my previous username (bookishandnerdy) and now my blog is called pagesandpaperbackss (extra ‘s’ because someone has the name already but the site is deleted ??? whatever) anyways, i’m going off on a tangent.

so let’s see if you’re here, you’re here for the…BOOKS! i love books. i still buy books like a crazy lady and i’ve been reading them more steadily. 2016 was the year i really took a big break but now i’m all about reading again. it’s been invigorating being truly excited about reading and stories.

so hopefully, i won’t be lazy ass and will be posting my july wrap up in my next blog post.

~cheers~ to that 1% chance that i actually stick this out.